Welcome; thanks for visiting

About this blog: Conflict competence is a great life skill I thought I’d almost mastered. And then this belief got walloped. Here are my sometimes funny stories of how being conflict competent helped me get through a deadly form of breast cancer and a double mastectomy. (Actually, the double mastectomy was done twice – is that a quadruple? )

LDS closeAbout me: I look like this – happy even after surgery, chemo, radiation, more surgery and bad news about an unwelcome disease. As time passes and risks decrease, my blog shifts to conflict management, writing, the joys of living without breasts, and, well, life and stuff.

My current goals include writing fiction. I finished editing my novel at last. When it’s published, this will be where I celebrate and share the news.

Company: Conflict Competence

Title: Conflict Manager since 1991

Location: Canada

About my professional life: I’ve convened thousands of conflict processes, locally and internationally, taught conflict studies at universities and privately, and train Boards of Directors in effective governance. My masters  degree is in environmental dispute resolution and my doctorate is in conflict analysis.

I’m active as a writer, researcher, trainer, coach, keynote speaker, and proponent of expanding the application of conflict management in innovative ways. I served on the Boards of Directors of numerous organizations.


3 thoughts on “Welcome; thanks for visiting

    • L. D. Sword says:

      Dear Mema, how wonderful of you to drop by. I’ve followed your blogged exploits too. Writing is hard work I’ve discovered, and each blog post takes me many days. So thanks for your encouragement.


  1. Geoff Szabo says:

    Hello Deborah,

    I enjoyed the two posts I read, but I am also very impressed by your remarkable credentials, and even a little intimidated. My wife is now a five year survivor, and I’ve been contacting breast cancer bloggers to see if they’d like a pre-release copy of the “Pink Christmas” CD. Our team has finished 11 of the 16 songs, and my wife and I are sending it out to friends and family as a sampler. The remaining 5 songs are scheduled to be complete in late February for a 2013 release. The ultimate intent is to use the CD as a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Organizations, and I’d love to send you a copy. Both iTunes and Amazaon.com take such large cuts from our music, that I’d rather donate those funds to any participating breast cancer organization that deems this project worthy. The audio won’t be up until we finsih the project, but you can view the artwork at: http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00HQI69Y if you like. We have plenty of copies going to Canada already, since I’m from Ontario originally. I do hope you’ll consider our offer. As it turns out, those who write breast cancer blogs are exactly the people this work was written for, and about. I hope that it brings you a little joy this Christmas.


    Geoff Szabo


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