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You’re at Writing 4 Life, where I blog about writing and conflict competence. The blog started about the joys of living breastlessly. With the lessening of brain fog from chemo, more topics come to my mind. Nice to get my mind back in gear.

Conflict competence is a great life skill I thought I’d almost mastered. And then came the test: how did being conflict competent prepare me for a deadly form of breast cancer and quadruple (yes, four) mastectomies? Here is where I figure out that puzzle.

Use this index of posts to navigate around my experiences in living breastlessly, and how being conflict competent got me through medical goo to mental good.  About Me, and My Professional Website ( have more information.

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1. Welcome: Breastlessness made easy

2. Double mastectomy didn’t ruin my day 2 Nov 2012

3. Embracing breastlessness 3 Nov 2012

4. Bests of breastlessness 4 Nov 2012

5. Breaking the news I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer 5 Nov 2012

6. Yes I can handle the truth, I’m a conflict manager 6 Nov 2012

7. Flat is beautiful 7 Nov 2012

8. Would you like a double with that mastectomy? 8 Nov 2012

9. Chemo brain 9 Nov 2012

10. A bride in palliative care is a model of hope 11 Nov 2012

11. Good news honey – I have breast cancer, we can get a dog 15 Nov 2012

12. Top 10 list from canoe trip with breast cancer 16 Nov 2012

13. Advantages of chemo brain fog 18 Nov 2012

14. Remission’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose 23 Nov 2012

15. Laughter – best medicine or defense mechanism? 24 Nov 2012

16. Cancer’s a game changer, but I’ve still got game 26 Nov 2012

17. My body reminds me of Poland 28 Nov 2012

18. Standing up to bullies or cancer with a power stance 4 Dec 2012

19. Breastless love, the man who stayed with the ‘sick’ woman 14 Dec 2012

20. Passing the regret test 20 Dec 2012

21. Worlds in our words 23 Dec 2012

22. When did changing skin cream require courage? 5 March 2013

23. Two and counting 12 March 2013

24. Conflicts and health are frozen accidents 16 March 2013

25. How can we make the choices better? 31 March 2013

26. Mentors light my path like lanterns 25 April 2013

27. 4 days after the Calgary flood 25 June 2013

28. Restitution for Chemo’s Criminal Tendencies 6 July 2013

29. My medical choice was different than Angelina Jolie’s 21 July 2013

30. The secret for recovery from post change syndrome 21 August 2013

31. Resilience helps after a quadruple mastectomy (yup, 4 of them) 30 Sept 2013

32. Changing piece of mind to peace of mind 8 Nov 2013

33. Bogart’s character Rick in Casablanca: is he an optimist or pessimist? 13 January 2014

34. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s simple rules for finding love and loyalty 15 February 2014

35. Escaped from Death again, now exploring life’s purpose 30 March 2014

36. I got news that trumped Fear with Optimism 31 May 2014

37. Trust the tail, the truth is there 23 July 2014

38. Is peace the reward for patience? 24 December 2014

39. Get over it or get past it (or both) 17 February 2015

40. How did national elections descend into reality TV show? 7 Oct 2015

41. 3 questions better than ‘why me’ 20 Oct 2015

42. Does regret deserve another chance? 10 Dec 2015

43. The power of pessimism 6 Nov 2016

44. Kindness is my Kryptonite 9 Nov 2016

4 thoughts on “List of Posts

    • L. D. Sword says:

      Dear Cristina and Renato; thank you for your comment, and for reading my posts. I’m grateful they helped. No one should go through an experience like cancer alone. I’m so glad you have each other, may you find strength to get through it together, and come out healthy and happy on the other side. My wish for you.


  1. ldsword says:

    Nadine, thank you for finding me. I’ve replied to your email address and now that you’ve sent me your phone number I’ll call you. Wishing you the best.


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